Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Music Nov. 2-5th

"Bluesette Merci" ( Jazz, Blues, Surf.

Chris Smith and the Irish Jam. Traditional acoustic Irish music.

Anthony Artiaga opening for "Dirty" Marcus Bowers ( Good stuff!

Andy Eppler & Co. are conducting a musical experiment. Andy's flyer describes this night, "a revolution that will tear through the blindfold of pop-culture will take up arms" - we're not sure what he's talking about but it'll probably be funny as some point.

All shows are FREE and start around 8:30pm. ARTISTS APPRECIATE TIPS!!!

Try the pumpkin spice shake (ice cream, chai, cinnamon, nutmeg)!


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Blogger heather or megan said...

yo, what's up sugar b's. can't wait to play this weekend!

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Blogger Jordy said...

Hey guys, what's up with no updates?

10:22 AM  

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