Wednesday, July 28, 2004

SHOWS this weekend / July 30&31

Friday Night
Andrew Sappenfield from Stillwater, Oklahoma opening for
William Seay of Lubbock opening for
David and Katie Wait of Lubbock
Saturday Night
returning again for your listening pleasures
Joe Morrow opening for
Andrew Sappenfield
Also every Wednesday we have the blues/jazz duo or trio Bluesette Merci featuring Tom and Caleb Green... yeah!
forget your frown at Sugar Brown's!

Saturday, July 24, 2004

saturday night

man oh man... joni nichols is rockin it here tonight... she and zack are so good.  just talented.  such a fine night here tonight... mellow and cool ... literally we have the windows and doors open and there's this sweet cool tropical breeze rollin thru... ahh...
viva colada

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Showtime Change Fri. 23rd

Brent wheeler & co. cancelled friday night so the Goteez are filling in.  They are sax driven jazz trio and they PHLIP!  Free.  8:30. 
Good day.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

CONCERTS this weekend: july 21-24

hey! we've got some great music this week!:

EVERY WEDNESDAY!   Bluesette Merci (bluesy/jazzy trio featuring Tom Green, Caleb Jude Green, and Todd Caldwell)  free!  (tips)

FRIDAY (24th)  Brent Wheeler & Students (phatso jazzy guitars / classical) $2  ... i wasn't here when these guys played last spring but i heard fantastic things... all the guitar players present were blown away...
SATURDAY (25th)  Joni Nichols  (sheryl crow-like acoustic folk)  Joni is really good.  free! (tips)
come on down to sugar brown's and support live local music!

day one

day one here at sugar blog's.  we're pretty stoked about posting news, concerts, and assorted updates here for all to feel.  feel it?  much thanks to man-kelsey for introducing us to blogging a couple months ago... man-kelsey is a phatty.  i wish i knew how to link to his page... and others like kimmyJ and the whitelegs... we'll get it figured out soon i'm sure.
Hopefully several of us here in the city of brown's will post somewhat frequently... and maybe we can even trick joshC away from the nascar and espn sites with a dale jr. duck call of some kind...